Corporate Social Responsibility

At BEST WESTERN Hotel Knudsens Gaard, Corporate Social Responsibility is very much at the heart of our thinking.
We include all the environmental considerations we possibly can, given that this is an old property, constructed in a different era. In acknowledgement of our efforts, we have been awarded the Green Key international environmental label for tourism.
As a Green Key environmental label business, we are required to comply with a large number of specific, relevant environmental requirements, which are continually monitored.
The hotel is a member of Horesta, which ensures that everyone is paid in accordance with a collective agreement.
Hotel owner Steen Sørensen has been on the board of directors of Kold College for more than 25 years now. He holds this position precisely because training young people for the restaurant and hospitality industry is incredibly important. Through college education and work experience in restaurants and hotels, the Danish hospitality industry ensures the unique service for the tourists visiting Denmark and our other guests. 

Denmark is leading the way with the best chefs and restaurants – and that involves an obligation.

Employing trainees and helping them through their study programme is and should be a matter of course for everyone in the restaurant industry. Trainees are an asset to the business – no matter what the industry.
When the staff are content and able to work well together, this rubs off on the whole atmosphere of the hotel, and our guests notice this. 

All employees, whatever their task, help to create the right, warm atmosphere and personality that BEST WESTERN Hotel Knudsens Gaard is renowned for, and cherishes.

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